Return Policy

Right to cancel and return your order

The Buyer is entitled to cancel and return order within 14 calendar days without the need to state reasons. The withdrawal period expires after 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. If Buyer wish to use the right to cancel, you must notify us of your decision to cancel the contract with a clear statement (such as a letter or e-mail):

NITUI Karmen Kroflin
S. Radića 55,
49214 Veliko Trgovišće, CROATIA


To claim this right, Buyer must send the undamaged product in the original package with all the equipment and documentation that came in original shipment, and with invoice or other document proving that the product was purchased from NITUI Karmen Kroflin.
If the returned goods are undamaged and in the undamaged original packaging, we will refund the money to your account in 14 days calculating from the day when we received original package with with goods . The cost of refund in case of replacement of the purchased product will be on Buyer.
You are responsible for any decrease in value of goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.  Cancellation of a purchase without giving reasons is not possible if the product is partially consumed. Also, for hygienic reasons, it is not possible to cancel ordered goods intended for hygienic purposes (eg lipstick, creams, shampoos, make-up brushes, toothbrushes, rollers etc.).
If the product is returned defective, partially consumed, with major damages or without parts and documentation, and if it is not delivered within the stated deadline, it is considered that the Buyer has not fulfilled its obligation to return the goods and the Seller is not obliged to make a refund of the funds paid. All Buyers pay for the expense of the return by themselves.


You have received a product but you have noticed that is damaged? Contact us!
If the customer is not satisfied with the products bought at NITUI web shop, he/she has a right on complaint in period established by the law. In case of complaint, the customer is obligated to return us the product in agreed period. Complaint will be considered valid if during the overview of the product we establish that it is complied with conditions for complaint of Obligation law and Consumer protection act. In that case we are going to exchange the product or return the money within 15 days from the returned product arrival.

Nevertheless if we establish that the complaint has no basis and we decline it, the buyer needs to pay shipment in amount of 35,00 kn for the orders within border of Republic of Croatia. Regarding orders outside Republic of Croatia’s borders, the customer is obligated to pay amount for delivery which can be seen in table in delivery section –  so the item can be resent to your address.

You can send your complaint :

electronically to e-mail  with the indication “Complaint”

in writing to NITUI Karmen Kroflin, S. Radica 55, 49214 Veliko Trgovisce, Croatia, with the indication “Complaint”