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Ultra – rich hydrating cream fulfilled with hydrating complex reaches deeper then ever before to repair natural hydration deficiency in dry , dehydrated skin.

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Absorb quickly, leaving skin smooth and soft without feeling oily or sticky, keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours

How to use

In the cream stage of your beauty routine take the adequate amount and apply with light pressing motion to the face and neck.  Water drop formula transforms the cream into water drops upon application.

Skin type
All skin types / Dehydrated / Dry skin

Main Ingredients
Lotus Flower Extract
Effective for moisturization, it keeps the moisture in the skin and helps cleansing the skin
Green Tea Extract
Rich in amino acid and minerals, forms a moisture shield to maintain moisture for a long period of time
Acai Berry Extract
Rich in vitamin B and other minerals and gives your skin gloss and resilience
Aloe Vera Extract
Has 3-4 times the absorption power compared to water for providing your skin with immediate moisturization.

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