Delivery is done by  Croatian Post,  the DPD courier service or by the Tisak delivery service to the islands in Croatia. The delivery price is not calculated according to the weight of the package and is charged at a determined price of 35,00 kn and is listed in the basket preview before payment is made. For orders over 500,00 kn the delivery is free (valid only for the Republic of Croatia). The web shop currently does not charge for delivery on an order above HRK 150.00 if the payment is via internet banking and the amount of postage will be deducted after your order when we confirm it. For orders outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the system calculates the delivery price prior to charging the products.

Next to Croatia, delivery is possible in the following countries: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, UK, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece.
Delivery prices can be seen in the table below.


Slovenia ≈ 13 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia ≈ 30 €
Austria,Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia ≈ 25 €
Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Poland , Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK ≈ 30 €
Bulgaria, Finland, Greece ≈ 45 €
Switzerland, Norway ≈ 65 €

The delivery period is from three to ten business days from the receipt of the Customer’s payment.

The delivery period starts from the time the Seller receives a payment to account or foreign currency account or it is approved credit card authorization. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not counted in the delivery deadline. The buyer is obliged to check for any damages when picking up the ordered goods and immediately complain to the delivery worker, and refuse to take over the delivered goods which have external damage. Verification of order accuracy depends on the buyer, and subsequent claims are not taken into account.

During the entire delivery process, you can track online where exactly the packet is located through the Live tracking service ( ).
The Predict Service ( )  informs you about the delivery of the package within a one-hour time frame. 

The Follow My Parcel service offers you an alternative delivery option.
First you are informed that the parcel is on its way and will probably be delivered the next day. If this is convenient nothing needs to be done. If it isn’t convenient the following options for changing the delivery arrangements are available:
Selecting a neighbour:  we deliver the parcel to the selected neighbour.
Giving DPD permission to deposit the parcel.
Selecting a Pickup parcelshop: the parcel is held there for 5 working days before it is returned to the consignor.
Changing the place of delivery: they deliver the parcel to a different address, for example to a friend or at your work place. 
Changing the day of delivery:   Postponing delivery for up to 5 working days.

Nitui delivers packages to the islands of Croatia in co-operation with the TISAK Delivery Service – Tisak Paket and you can see all delivery information on the link ( link ). This delivery method does not provide for the payment option Cash –on – delivery and if you wish to have delivery to your address please send your order to  and we will contact you in order to arrange other possibility. 

In case the item is lost or if you have not received the shipment within the foreseen time, please notify us at e-mail  to check and resolve this situation.

Depending on the value of your order and your specific country, you may be charged customs or import fees once your parcel arrives into your country. These fees must be paid by the customer and won’t be covered by Nitui. For further information, please contact your local customs office before placing your order.