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About us

#StayImpressed  has been our motto since we met the world of K-Beauty trend three years ago.


Highly effective formulations are concentrated on pure active ingredients and have been proven to penetrate the skin optimally – thus unravelling and redefining the traditional notion of beauty.

K-beauty products are well-known and loved for their use of natural and unique ingredients (such as snail slime, propolis from honey bees, royal jelly …) and high efficacy.

NITUI story started with the very meaning of the word NITUI – shine with a natural “glow” effect, and today we offer you over 100 quality products from the brands MIZON, The Skin House, XYCOS, Beausta and Dr. Althea.

In our shop you will find the popular Mizon BB creams, Joyfull face masks,
their famous tonic and all at the most affordable prices.




For anti age care, you will be delighted by The Skin House
and “Clean Beauty” and the new vegan lines that are an absolute hit among young people in Korea are offered by XYCOS.




“Life isn’t perfect but your skin can be “ comes from Dr.ALTHEA.  We still can’t decide if they have better cosmetics or design…

We are also supporters of the new INDIE BEAUTY trend among Korean manufacturers and very proud of BEAUSTA. It launched a unique concept on the cosmetics market. Products are packaged in eco-friendly bags, instead of using the usual packaging for skin care and makeup. Eco-friendly bags take up less space and consume less packaging material. With practical bags, it is easy to travel because the bags can be closed again, they are light and fit in a small space. One bag lasts for multiple use. When the bag is almost empty, you can open the bag from the corner of the package. That way you will use the whole product.

Thanks to efficient packaging, Beausta products are really affordable. You only pay for the product itself. The product selection consists of Korean skin care and makeup. Beausta lightweight but high SPF UV sunscreen is one of our best sellers. Of course, toning creams, cleansers and beautiful lip shades are also popular.



                                                                                         Karmen, xoxo