About us


My story about Korea, Korean culture and history started eleven years ago through my promotion of Korean Trade and Investment in Croatia and region. In last four years I was also following K-beauty companies in rising in popularity and getting creative with packaging to emphasize their product attributes.
When I was travelling to Korea for work biggest fun was to visit busy streets of Seoul in Myeongdong. There is one beauty store after the next, inviting you to shopping paradise for all kinds of skincare products and cosmetics.



Today, Korean facial cleaning and moisturizing products take the world by storm. My family and my friends all love cushion compacts, snail slime, pore masks, water-less creams, multi-masking, BB creams , sheet masks, sleeping packs, essences and serums, mists…  

You don’t want to focus just on making skin look better with coloring and makeup. You want products that keep the skin clean, healthy, and luxuriant.

I  had an opportunity to bring K-Beauty to Croatia and start NITUI concept. In that story  we are proud to have perfect upgrade – ALMAfashion . Why ALMAfashion?  This is Croatian fashion brand and somewhat different fashion style thanks to its incredible feeling for every women.
Put simply, this was love at first sight and … it is coming from Croatia… ♥♥♥♥



So let’s dig into details together in our web store.

And if you are up for a beauty adventure beyond NITUI,  come with me and let’s K- Beauty in Korea.
Just let me know by short e-mail on info@nitui.eu  and I will get back to you with next planned dates.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Karmen, xoxo